Det är olikheterna som vi lär oss av!

Homework numer nine

I usually play Counter Strike every other weekend. My ranking is top five by the way 🙂

I would love to be able to sleep more often. Kids can really affect sleeping…..

I encourage you all to make healthy drinks with different vegetables and drink them every day.

We should all try to smile more often.

Do you feel full or would you like to eat now?


Veckans ord vecka 7


Matteläxa v.8

  1. (vilhelm) (: (:

    In the summer I will swim in a sea.
    The most boring thing I know is to just stand still and jump.
    I don´t know the sense with smile is.
    If you don´t sleep you will get bags under your eyes.
    I like to play minecraft.

  2. Ilias

    I like to play soccer in the summer.

    When i am sleeping, i dream a lot.

    I love to drink my moms apple juice.

    When the paparazzi asks Justin Bäver to smile he gets angry .

    I hate when my dad com to my bedroom when i am sleeping and starts to sing ”Good morning …”

    At summer i like to jump trampoline with my friends.

  3. oliver

    Furniture salesman says:
    -Sleep is so easy I can do it with my eyes closed.

    What kind of computer can sing very well? A dell

    Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them

    I asked a frenchmen if he plays video games he said:

    I’m on a marathon and i’m like four brittish horses that run till they die.

  4. oscar

    .1. I,like to play.

    .2. If you don´t eat you die.

    .3. I want to drink.

    .4. In your school picture you must smile but many people close their eyes.

    .5. I like to sleep.

    .6. I don´t like to run.

    .7.I walk to school.

    .8. Do you like to swim?

    .9. In the classroom you have to sit still.

    .10. I don´t like to sing.

  5. SIGNE😝😜

    I play roblox every day.
    I can talk english.
    I eat food every day.
    I can jump on one leg.

  6. Jesper

    The emojis with a smile are probably the most used of them all!

    Why is there a movie named ”Sing”, whatever the reason is, I don’t get it.

    Kids under 18 years are not allowed to drink, it’s illegal.

    Has your dog learnt the ”sit”command yet?

    If you are tired you should probably get some sleep, or at least rest.

  7. Maja

    I play fotball every day.

    I love to eat dinner every day.

    It´s not good to cry.

    I swim in the water.

    It´s good to always smile.


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